About AceWins

AceWins launched on 24 November, 2018 is an online Crypto Casino and an ERC-20 Gambling Token (ACW). ACW Tokens have inbuilt HODL rewards system, which pays you HODL rewards, automatically up to 21% a month. The HODL Rewards are credited automatically to your wallet after the addition of every block to the Ethereum Blockchain which sums to 21% a month (approximately), if you allow the rewards to compound. After every year, the HODL Rewards get halved to prevent inflation.

Since the tokens pay you HODL Rewards, the initial supply is limited to 12,500,000 tokens. The balance in the burn address along with the HODL rewards piled up to a huge total supply. To avoid confusion, we created and deployed a new smart contract AceWins (ACW) with 12.5 million total supply on Nov-01-2019 09:26:29 PM +UTC and distributed the equal amount of ACW tokens to all the ACE holders. The old smart contract (0xbffdd152a9da1eda4afcc550fb1c789019e75334) and the ACE Tokens are not valid any longer. ACW is the new token and 0xd29fa4b8cc936a68bb560b19eed969ebfdbaa565 is the new smart contract address from Nov-01-2019 09:26:29 PM +UTC. 60 Percent of the casino's net revenue is distributed to the ACW token holders proportionally as dividends. The more ACW tokens you hold, the more dividends you may get.

You can trade ACW Tokens on the Saturn Exchange. Click here to Buy or Sell ACW Tokens on Saturn Exchange. We are in talks with a few other exchanges to list the ACW Tokens.

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Launching Soon!

Multiple opportunities to earn

Casino Investment

Invest on the casino's bankroll and earn up to 50 percent profit.

Affiliate Commission

Promote your referral link and earn affiliate commissions.

Revenue Share for ACW Holders

Stake your ACW Tokens and get a share of the casino's revenue in BTC.

Matrix / Multi Level Marketing

Join one of our matrix plans and earn 9 level matrix commission.

60 Percent of the Casino's revenue is distributed to the ACW Token Holders as dividends.
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